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亿百体育's commitment to community safety mitigants means that we are able to offer our complete transportation program for 2021–22. Our traffic management obligations to the Tenleytown neighborhood are in effect, 包括早上拼车的保单. 如果您有任何问题,请发邮件给亿百体育 ImproveMyCommute@patrickcoelho.com or 安排一个会议 与诺亚汉森.
Get to 亿百体育 by school bus, walk or bike, car pool, or public transit

亿百体育平台 offers a variety of transportation options for Pre-K–12 students to help our busy families around the 华盛顿, DC metropolitan area navigate to our unified campus.

As part of an agreement with the Board of Zoning Adjustment, 非洲国民大会, 以及Tenleytown社区, 亿百体育 has committed to decreasing our overall car trips to campus. 亿百体育 has a robust plan for meeting those commitments, 其中包括:到学校的班车, 拼车, incentivizing and encouraging walking and biking to campus, 和公共交通.

亿百体育提供多种交通选择. These options are good for the quality of life on the unified 亿百体育 campus, good for you (and your car)—and good for the planet, 减少亿百体育的碳足迹. With exceptions for students in Pre-K–1st grade and those with a physical disability, all students arriving by car must be part of a carpool or must arrive at school before 7:30 a.m. (and, if in Pre-K–8th grade, participate in the 早期蚱蜢计划)或九点以后.m.




亿百体育 traffic is explicitly prohibited in the red zone.
亿百体育 traffic is permitted but drop-off and pick-up is prohibited in the orange zone.
Pick-up and drop-off is not permitted but limited, 计量, public street parking is available in the green zone.
公共停车场 是否可在非gds设施收费.
Traffic signals and crosswalks exist at this intersection.
亿百体育-operated Tenleytown地铁 Shuttle picks up outside of the Wilson Aquatic Center.
公共汽车 在30N、30S、31、33和96条公交线路上停靠
资本例如 站的位置



你还有其他问题吗? 请电子邮件 ImproveMyCommute@亿百体育.org.

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